UCSF’s top 15 departments for clinical trials

Photo: Thomas Hawk

UCSF is a top institution for clinical trials. Here are UCSF’s departments, sorted by the number of open clinical trials from principal investigators who have a primary association to that department. (This list is based on open trials listed in UCSF’s new Clinical Trials website, in cases where trials are associated with one or more principal investigators’ UCSF Profiles pages. If a trial’s PIs span multiple departments, the trial will be counted once for each department.)

  1. Medicine is running 370 trials from 133 PIs/co-PIs
  2. Pediatrics is running 97 trials from 35 PIs/co-PIs
  3. Neurology is running 96 trials from 29 PIs/co-PIs
  4. Surgery is running 41 trials from 28 PIs/co-PIs
  5. Psychiatry is running 40 trials from 28 PIs/co-PIs
  6. Ob/Gyn, Reproductive Sciences is running 35 trials from 13 PIs/co-PIs
  7. Neurological Surgery is running 26 trials from 9 PIs/co-PIs
  8. Radiology is running 24 trials from 14 PIs/co-PIs
  9. Radiation Oncology is running 23 trials from 4 PIs/co-PIs
  10. Anesthesia is running 19 trials from 15 PIs/co-PIs
  11. Dermatology is running 13 trials from 8 PIs/co-PIs
  12. Ophthalmology is running 13 trials from 7 PIs/co-PIs
  13. Proctor Foundation is running 12 trials from 4 PIs/co-PIs
  14. Orthopaedic Surgery is running 11 trials from 8 PIs/co-PIs
  15. Dean’s Office is running 11 trials from 11 PIs/co-PIs
  16. Urology is running 9 trials from 6 PIs/co-PIs

Photo: Thomas Hawk, CC-BY-NC 2.0

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