This site design (anti-design?) tool for libraries takes a bare-bones approach.  Food for thought as our research portal struggles to present an ever-growing array of resources.

What makes a website excellent? Focus, great writing and appealing visual design. One-Pager helps you get there by taking a radical and sensible approach to library websites: fewer elements presented in a simple, functional interface. So you get to spend your time making your content excellent.

via Influx :: One-Pager.

Some good things about this design

I was looking at people/firms with design expertise for Drupal, and unfortunately even though some looked like they’d designed well for others (though nothing spectacular) their own firm web site were nothing to write home about.  Which, for a design firm, is dissapointing.

Through one firm though I came across this drupal site, which has some positives.  I like the way they have news and events (and how they break up the top nav bar  a bit)  You may be interested in looking at the site as you think of new home page designs.