CTSI 2012 Retreat: The Live-Tweet

The 2012 CTSI Retreat was the first to be live-tweeted, under the #CTSI2012 hashtag. Fourteen people tweeted 144 original tweets. This year’s participants mostly repeated interesting points from speakers; perhaps we’ll see more original commentary or conversation in coming years, as familiarity with the medium increases.

Here’s a mildly-curated overview of the event, in tweets. (Consider browsing the whole thing—my favorite part was the very last panel.)

>> The event begins

Introduction by Clay Johnston


>> “Business Transformations” panel discussion

Panelists: Jonathan SchwartzVictoria Hale, in conversation with Clay Johnston

■ Panelist 1: Jonathan Swartz


■ Panelist 2: Victoria Hale

>> Leveraging the UC Network

Speaker: Rachael Sak, with Clay Johnston

>> Discussing ideas for new initiatives

Breakout sessions by Leslie Yuan. Discussion by June Lee, Sally Mead, Bill Balke, Mark Pletcher, Elizabeth Boyd, Ralph Gonzales, moderated by Kevin Grumbach

■ Breakout sessions, and voting for the top idea


■ Discussion of the top 3 ideas

>> Message from UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellman

Message from Susan Desmond-Hellman, in conversation with Clay Johnston

>> Feedback from UCSF deans

David Vlahov, Sam HawgoodB. Joseph Guglielmo

>> “Disruptive Innovation in Translational Research” panel

Participants: Jeff Bluestone, Catherine Lucey, Deborah Grady, Mini Kahlon

>> Wrapping up…