UCSF dentistry co-authorships, internal vs. external (by institutions)

What does a typical UCSF publication look like, in terms of the number of internal co-authors vs. the number of external co-authoring institutions? Here’s a breakdown among dentistry-related publications by UCSF researchers published in 2013. (This is the same analysis as yesterday, but looking at the number of external institutions, vs. the number of external people.)

Again, I was surprised to see so many co-authorships between a single UCSF researcher and one or researchers from one or more external institutions (the very top row of results), which accounts for 52% of the papers we looked at.

UCSF vs External Co-Authoring InstitutionsView as PDF

Method: I searched Web of Science for dentistry-related articles published between January 1-December 5, 2013. I began by running a search for any articles published in 2013 matching a number of dentistry-related keywords (dental, dentistry, electrogalvanism, endodontics, jaw relation record, mouth rehabilitation, odontometry, oral, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, teeth, tooth), then filtered only those that matched the “DENTISTRY ORAL SURGERY MEDICINE” Web of Science category. Web of Science automatically attempts to normalize institution names; in addition, I lumped all institution labels with names that start with “UCSF”, “UC San Francisco”, or “UCSF Sch ” to “Univ Calif San Francisco” as part of the main UCSF grouping.