Every researcher at UCSF — by department

Co-authorship networks can help us understand internal research collaboration patterns at UCSF. I used data from UCSF Profiles to create a visualization of (almost) every researcher currently at UCSF, and how their intra-UCSF co-authorship networks break out by department.

This visualization by department bears some more investigation than the previous one by school. Department of Medicine researchers are all over, collaborating with a wide variety of external departments. But an initial visual inspection suggests that almost all major departments have co-authorship relationships with members of other departments; some, like neurology, appear to form large standalone clusters, while others, like radiology, are more enmeshed in the work of others. This visualization flattens complex relationships into two dimensions, but it’s a starting point as we work to understand how UCSF collaborates.

View full-size visualization (PDF)

Every Researcher at UCSF, by department