Every researcher at UCSF — by school

Co-authorship networks can help us understand internal research collaboration patterns at UCSF. I used data from UCSF Profiles to create a visualization of (almost) every researcher currently at UCSF, and how their intra-UCSF co-authorship networks break out by school.

Unsurprisingly, the School of Medicine takes up most of the space, and the visualization is probably most interesting in terms of what it might suggest about the smaller schools. Researchers from the Schools of Nursing and Dentistry form their own visible clusters, who often work with each other, but also have co-authorship relationships with researchers at the School of Medicine. But I was surprised by the School of Pharmacy, whose researchers form a main clusters in the bottom right, as well as additional clusters in the middle and top left, due to strong collaborative relationships with School of Medicine researchers.

View full-size visualization (PDF)

Every Researcher at UCSF, by school

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