Departmental BFFs: Which UCSF departments publish the most often together?

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Some UCSF departments work more closely together than others. I looked at co-authorship patterns in papers published between January 2012 and November 2013, based on data in UCSF Profiles, and pulled out the UCSF departments that collaborate the most frequently. The results aren’t necessarily surprising. The Department of Medicine is huge, and their cross-departmental collaborations make up 8 of the top 10 collaborations, measured by volume. On the flip side, smaller groups with research areas similar to others make up many of the most common collaborations, by percentage; for example, one-third of papers by researchers primarily affiliated with the Proctor Foundation for Research in Opthalmology are co-authored with researchers from the Department of Opthalmology. I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed, however, connections like that between nursing and psychiatry.

Top UCSF cross-departmental collaborations, by volume

  1. Epidemiology & Biostatistics + Medicine: 365 collaborative papers
  2. Medicine + Pediatrics: 139 collaborative papers
  3. Medicine + Psychiatry: 127 collaborative papers
  4. Neurological Surgery + Neurology: 115 collaborative papers
  5. Medicine + Pathology: 105 collaborative papers
  6. Laboratory Medicine + Medicine: 104 collaborative papers
  7. Medicine + Surgery: 99 collaborative papers
  8. Neurology + Radiology and Biomedical Imaging: 92 collaborative papers
  9. Medicine + Radiology and Biomedical Imaging: 90 collaborative papers
  10. Medicine + Neurology: 86 collaborative papers

Top UCSF cross-departmental collaborations, by percentage

  1. 64.8% of School of Nursing Dean’s Office papers are co-authored with Physiological Nursing
  2. 36.8% of Proctor Foundation papers are co-authored with Ophthalmology
  3. 33.8% of School of Nursing Dean’s Office papers are co-authored with Medicine
  4. 33.3% of Physiological Nursing papers are co-authored with School of Nursing Dean’s Office
  5. 33.3% of Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease papers are co-authored with Neurology
  6. 32.4% of School of Nursing Dean’s Office papers are co-authored with Psychiatry
  7. 29.8% of Physical Therapy & Rehab Sciences papers are co-authored with Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
  8. 27.5% of Physiological Nursing papers are co-authored with Medicine
  9. 25.0% of Epidemiology & Biostatistics papers are co-authored with Medicine
  10. 22.8% of Family & Community Medicine papers are co-authored with Medicine

Details: Data is drawn from UCSF Profiles, and is based on a list of all publications listed on PubMed published between Jan 2012–Nov 2013, focusing on those whose authors include groups of researchers that have primary affiliations to more than one UCSF department. We counted only those publications from researchers with a listed department, and for the purposes of counting top cross-departmental collaborations by percentage, only those collaborations that generated 10 or more papers during the time period. No attempt was made to account for the widely varying sizes and scopes of different departments, the fact that researchers may have multiple departmental affiliations, or the fact that some publications may have been authored before the researchers were affiliated with their current primary departments at UCSF.

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