Making Science Greater

A new laboratory in ViCOSrginia, the Center for Open Science, is (according to its website) “dedicated to improving the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices to improve the accumulation and application of knowledge. Operating with a technology start-up atmosphere and mindset, the COS team moves quickly, identifies problems and creates solutions, encourages risk-taking, blends science and technology, and is collaborative, high energy, and dedicated to openness.”

The Center has already launched a signature project—the Open Science Framework, allowing scientists to store and share all aspects of their work.

A news story at notes: “failed experiments, the minutiae of methods, the genesis of ideas… these are often omitted from published papers or left to languish in personal file drawers. That creates strong biases in the literature, and makes it harder for people to check and reproduce each other’s work.”

It adds that the Center is “less about doing great science than about making science greater. It will try to foster a new approach to research that will produce more reliable results.”