Embedding OpenSocial in Moodle

The CTSI team uses Moodle for online learning, and OpenSocial to embed applications into UCSF Profiles.

Lausanne-based doctoral student Evgeny Bogdanov recently combined the two, turning Moodle into an OpenSocial container. He describes how he embedded OpenSocial into Moodle by developing a Moodle plugin that interfaces with Apache Shindig:

“We present here a plugin that allows to bring OpenSocial gadgets into Moodle. OpenSocial gadgets are rendered via Apache Shindig (extension of version 2.0 that supports Spaces). Moodle is a Learning Management System used in many Educational Institutions (Universities) to manage courses. It is a plugin based PHP application that can be extended by installing additional modules…There are two different OpenSocial plugins for moodle.…This plugin was developed within the ROLE Integrated Project and is already used in 5 courses at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.”

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One thought on “Embedding OpenSocial in Moodle

  1. Thats great! Be sure to let the library and Kevin Souza know, and lets certainly think about any quick wins re: integration… e.g. does this mean that when a faculty member is a teacher of a course, and their name shows up on moodle related to the course, we can automatically show, through a gadget, their pubs, slides and additional websites they may have posted on Profiles?

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