Health 2.0 code-a-thons in DC, SF

Andy Oram writes about his first Health 2.0 code-a-thon, held in Washington, DC. He discusses the setup, and how five teams of biomedical health technologists competed to build a quick and dirty system over the course of a day. The winning project:

“Team Avanade, the quietly intense team whose activity was totally opaque to me, pulled off a stunningly deft feat of programming. They are trying to improve patient compliance by using SMS text messaging to help the patient stay in contact with the physician and remain conscious of his own role in his treatment. A patient registers his cell phone number (or is registered by his doctor) and can then enter relevant information, such as a daily glucose reading, which the tool displays in a graph.”

There will be a Health 2.0 code-a-thon in San Francisco September 24-25. Anyone interested?

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