Google Scholar Citations – an easy way to get citation metrics into UCSF Profiles?

Recently Google launched Google Scholar Citations: a simple way for you to compute your citation metrics and track them over time, per this blog post.

I went in to check it out on July 25, 2011 and ‘signed up’ – and here’s what I found. NOTE: apparently this is a limited launch with a small number of users, so if you can’t sign up, you can provide your email address to be notified when they open it up to everyone.

1. I went to:

2. I logged into my Google account and then followed their 4 step process of claiming my citation profile. Here are the steps:

3. Step 1 was creating the Google scholar Profile – this entailed putting in my name, title, institution email address. (sorry no screen shot).

4. Step 2 is to import “Your articles.” The system automatically shows me what it found and then I went in to “claim” which articles were mine. Once I click the “This is mine” button next to every article that is mine, the button changes to “Remove” (if I want to change my mind). A few notes here:

a. The Google search found my articles in PubMed, and also some patent applications, but I know I had one article that isn’t it PubMed and this one was not found.

b. It was easy for me to claim my articles as I only had 3 items. For people with hundreds of articles to claim, I’m not sure how easy they make it to claim your work.

5. Step 3 is to configure your updates for Google scholar

6. Step 4 – Go to view your profile, which is private by default. Change this to public if you want others to find it (and if you want to create a link to it from your UCSF Profile)

Clicking on a specific article gets you to:

7. If you’ve made your Google Scholar Profile public, you can grab this Google URL and easily create a link to citation metrics in your UCSF Profile. Log in to UCSF Profiles and edit the Websites associated with your profile. See a screenshot of mine below, or view it live.

We’ve got some other ideas on how this work can intersect with UCSF Profiles and our work with research networking tools … in more robust ways than this. But in less than 10 minutes, I was able to do the above.

3 thoughts on “Google Scholar Citations – an easy way to get citation metrics into UCSF Profiles?

    • Well, this is interesting. Searching myself via Microsoft Academic brings up results too, and in addition to some citation information, there’s a simple visualization of my co-author network that includes co-authors outside of UCSF. I’ve just added a link to my Microsoft Academic page to my UCSF Profile.

      Of course, I’ve got very few publications, so while it’s easy for me to scan results of Google and Microsoft in a few minutes, for investigators with many publications, it would be quite a bit of work to “claim” one of these profiles. This is why we’re hoping that UCSF Profiles does a better job, with little work. That said, there likely are interesting synergies to be explored between academic research networking tools and these giants’ services. More to come I’m sure.

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