Blogging about peer-reviewed research

The aptly-named Research Blogging service aggregates blog posts about peer-reviewed research.They scan supported blogs for references to published papers, aggregating the content, and supporting structured links to references. While the tagging and citation addition process seems still a bit too manual and brittle for my tastes, it’s clearly scaled, with bloggers publishing about 17 posts a day in 7 supported languages.

Research Blogging looks like a great way to explore post-publication review and discussion—but would they open up their data so that it can be mashed up by third parties? Imagine being able to read a publication, and see not only articles that cite it, but blog posts as well.

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One thought on “Blogging about peer-reviewed research

  1. Great post, Anirvan. I think this is a very interesting approach. I’d be curious to find out how many of the posts and especially discussions spark ideas for follow-up research projects or scholarly commentaries on published papers. That way, research blogging turns into a “real” tool to foster communication to advance science.

    Btw, browsing the blogs I stumbled upon the “Biotech Strategy Blog” at and the interesting post “Innovation is seeing round the corner” ( — You might enjoy this one…

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