Interactive Biomedical Data Visualization


Continuing our theme of visualization, it looks like some pretty interesting tools are continuing to be developed.  One example is called TripleMap:

TripleMap is a data-driven software framework which gives biomedical research scientists access to massive interconnected networks of life science data. Using TripleMap you can analyze, visualize and share this information by creating “maps” of associated data which are relevant to your research.

Using a proprietary algorithm called Inferential Connectivity Analysis (ICA), TripleMap can identify connections for you between any two entities in its network. Want to know about potential connections between a protein and a disease? Want to know about potential connections between a compound and a cellular pathway? With ICA, TripleMap can perform a comprehensive, “deep” traversal of the entire TripleMap data network and identify any connecting entities. How powerful is identification of novel connections? It can be the difference between success and failure, novel insight and (less than) blissful ignorance.

Although they’re still in a closed “alpha” mode, the developer told me that they will be integrating the MedDRA ontology into it over the weekend, and he’ll send me a trial code early next week.  I’ll post a follow-up after I give it a try.