Top 5 Web Design Debates

At Virtual Home we’ve had our share of healthy differences of opinion on best practices for web design.   At web design blog Line25,  they break down both sides of the argument for the Top 5 Web Design Debates That Cause the Most Riots.

  • Should links open in a new window?
  • Should links use the words ‘Click here’?
  • Should Bold <b> and Italic <i> tags be used?
  • Should a logo be enclosed in a <h1> element?
  • Should a site should be viewable in IE6?

One thought on “Top 5 Web Design Debates

  1. I see no reason to debate the first item: Doing so is a deadly sin.

    The second is amateurish and gives poor accessibility, but it is not a big error compared to the many competitors.

    For the third, the em-tag should be used for almost all cases.

    Four is almost always a no: That is not what headings are for.

    Five depends on the amount of compromise necessary wrt to usability in standard compliant browsers. A sufficiently flexible design, however, should degrade in a non-disastrous manner (may be ugly, but works) even in IE 6. Other reasoning may have applied in the past, but not with IE 6’s current market share.

    No need for a debate.

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