TLDR for online discussions

Here’s a new acronym to clog your brain with: TLDR, which stands for “Too long, didn’t read.” It’s also the name of  a web application for navigating through large-scale online discussions, a project by Srikanth Narayan, done as part of the masters program at the UC Berkeley School of Information. Read more.

2 thoughts on “TLDR for online discussions

  1. A very interesting way of visualizing activity, Cynthia. I am wondering about the critical mass that is needed for this application. But of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Could this be useful for our Open Forums and in the future for our blogs? For example, currently our Renewal Forum has 53 posts and 152 comments. So I’d say this application might be worth exploring, also expecting that our e-communities will grow in time.

    Interesting how users can see which discussions and which comments within a discussion “thread” received most attention. The tool also visualizes whether entries have received positive or negative comments, so it becomes obvious which of the discussion threads are more argumentative and in which most of the participants agreed.

    The tool will be released shortly, and Berkley might be looking for pilot groups.

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