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From Mashable:

posterous logoPosterous is the super simple blogging platform that doesn’t require an account, and makes sharing anything on the Web or via email impossibly easy.

Now, the company is releasing a feature that turns group blogging into something you can manage right from your inbox. Whether you have an email list or group blog that is for private, public, or for the family, you can now not only post to Posterous via email, but also get instant notifications and add comments without ever leaving your inbox.

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Posterous Turns Email Lists Into Group Blogs.

2 thoughts on “Group blogging via email

  1. This is super simple to use. I set up a blog for us in 1 minute. Basically, you just send an email to a specified email address, and it automatically sets up a blog, with your first post. Going forward you post to the blog by emailing the address. I customized our blog url which took another 30 seconds.

    The blog I set up is here:

    I took the liberty of adding Mini as a contributor. She should have received an email with instructions. Try it out if you like or ignore it.

    Anyone else, let me know if you would like to be added.

  2. More (half-baked) thoughts: If we end up exploring 3rd party apps for listserv capabilities, this may be worth a closer look. Though not technically a listserve, it allows you to automatically create a blog blogposts via email, and to receive notification of new posts and comments. RSS feeds are available for the blogs, which could theoretically be taken in and displayed back in Drupal.

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